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Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World(Essay IAS MAINS EXAM)


Hand that rocks the cradle are vital  link in the character building of a person. We used to read the example of Shivaji in childhood where it was told that his mother had instilled in him the qualities of facing tyranny and the feeling of patriotism., The inspiration and ideal of the youth of our country APJ Abdul Kalam’s  mother had a great contribution in building the character of him . In fact hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. The education and values received from these people decide the direction of the world by building the personality of a person.


In the present times due to the changing life style, the hands that rocks   the cradle have started trembling. In the age of  materialistic race parents do not have enough time for their children. The role of family influence in the formation of  personality of child has started to fade . We have to look back at our near  past  in this context to  revital the hands that rock the cradle. We have to create an environmental in which these hand can rule for betterment of all beings.

The personality and value system of  parents and close relatives have a special role in shaping the future of  a child . The atmosphere of family generosity was responsible behind the policy of 'Sulh-e-Kul' by which Akbar got a great fame among various rulers of  Indian history. Akbar's father Humayun was Sunni, but due to  need of time , he convert to  Shia sect. Akbar's mother was also a Shia. Akbar was born with the blessings of Sufi saint Salim Chishti, so he got the company of the liberal tradition of Sufism from his childhood. Akbar's Guru Abdul Latif was such a liberal person that Shia people considered him as Sunni and Sunni people considered him as Shia.

Thus, it is clear that the values that Akbar received from his parents influenced Akbar's character and through him he carried out those works which influenced the politics of the entire medieval period and is still a source of inspiration for the administrators. In this way, by becoming the basis of the policy of tolerance, they paved  the way  for good governance system of the world.

Today, the whole world is convinced of the scientific achievements and contributions of Albert Einstein, who was once declared mentally handicapped. It was his mother who gave such a turn to his personality that he reached the world of inventors through the world of music.

In fact the nurturers have a great opportunity to build the character of a child. At that time the child's brain is like a blank paper, it can be molded the way you want. Since there is no limit to human power, the children start building their lives according to the high ideals that the parents instill in their children. In this context, the example of Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya is also noteworthy.


Chanakya bought a boy from the forest from a hunter playing a game called 'Rajkilam'. Taking him to Takshashila, Chanakya prepared him in every way. That child not only became the founder of Maurya Empire, but for the first time in world history, that child also freed his country from foreign power with the help of the public.

In these examples we have seen the positive aspects so far. There is also a negative dimension to the contribution of foster parents. Many people have heard the story of a very big thief in their childhood. When the child had stolen a pencil from school for the first time, the praise given by the mother encourage him  so much that he became the biggest thief in the country.


Thus it is clear that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. These are the hands that can make a human a superman and can also make a demon. But as we have seen earlier, in the changing circumstances of the present times, the process of developing values at the family level is getting blurred. The disintegration of the joint family weakened the tradition of personality building through the stories of grandparents. On top of that, due to the working life system and the increasing prevalence of social media, parents also no longer have sufficient time for their children. Even the work that used to be done by the parents has come under the responsibility of the cartoon world. Children are moving towards the film world while watching cartoons and the negative aspect of the film world seems to be dominating more than the positive aspect.


Due to the weakening of the value systems of the parents and family members themselves, those hands are no longer able to build the character of the children in the same way as it used to be earlier. However,  this tradition not ended completely. Even today many influential personalities are helping to make the world prosperous and their parents have played a big role in building their character.


  In this era of increasing materialistic glare in the world, we have to strengthen the value system of the family members so that the family culture continues to play an effective role in shaping the character of the person. We have to re-develop those traditions by which the reins of the world's power remain in the hands of those who rocks the cradle and they continue to cooperate in making the world happy with positive dimensions.

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