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Difference Between History and Prehistory


Difference Between History and Prehistory

The description of the past can be divided into three parts, these are:

1. Pre History

2. Proto History

3. History


Pre-history refers to that part of the past about which we do not have any evidence in writing. To know about this period, we depend on the archaeological material such as pottery, various types of stone and metal tools, burials, paintings on pots and rock shelters etc. This was the time when humans were not fully civilised. In the context of India, the Stone Age, Chalcolithic Age and Megalithic Age are kept in this category.

Proto History:

Protohistory is that part of the past for which we have written evidence but have not been able to read it or which can be read but not attested by archaeological material. In the context of India, the Harappan civilization and the Rigvedic period are kept in this category.


History is an account of the past that has been constructed from written sources or attested to by a variety of materials. In the context of India, the period after the later Vedic period is called the historical period.

Difference Between History and Prehistory





Time that can be proved by written records 

A time period where no written records exist or time before writing systems were introduced.


History is the time period after prehistory.

Prehistory is the time period before history


Books ,inscriptions ,Coins , Manuscript ,

Tools made of stone ,metal, antlers etc., beads, seals, weights, potteries ,Carvings  and Paintings on rocks ,potteries etc


researched by historians 

researched by prehistoric archeologists and physical anthropologists


classified into various  domains like Ancient History, Medieval  History, Modern History, Political History, Cultural History, Economic History etc.

Mainly classified  as Stone age and Metal age or stone Age ,Chalcolithic age ,Bronze age  and Iron age 



Tools /methods of Study

Study based on  Genealogy  or comparative study  etc .

Scientific Dating tools , Anthropological parallels , paleontology,molecular genetics etc .